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Teacher Qualifications

One has to have at least a bachelor's degree before deciding to become a teacher. To qualify for a teaching job, some basic training in teaching is required. This will include a prescribed number of units in core education disciplines and some technology skills training. Certain states do stipulate that a candidate should have a minimum grade point average before even considering you for teacher training.

Other states may necessitate that you do a Masters degree after you have been given a teaching position. For all states, the general requirements are that a person should have the basic skills and competencies in his chosen field particularly in reading and writing proficiency but most importantly, in teaching. A teacher must demonstrate the needed expertise and knowledge in his chosen subject to pass the licensure examination. State Boards of Education or special licensure committees award these teaching licenses.

You need a license to teach in public schools but generally not in a private school or as a private home teacher. Some states, by reciprocal agreements, allow teachers from one state to become licensed in another. Top schools are putting into place a performance-based system as the basis for the said licensure. This system is an addition to passing in their chosen subject. This performance-based system is also being used to pre-qualify the promotion of candidates for head teachers and lead teachers as well as for the nomination of a candidate for the teacher of the year award. AP teacher qualifications are very much sought by top notched schools and they pay well for such highly qualified teachers.

To be hired by top notched schools, you must have the best qualification and the appropriate teaching experience. Write a good resume documenting your qualifications as well as your experience. Additional qualification in relevant fields and skills in related fields such as in information technology should be included as it will be a boon to you. If you are planning on home teaching, certification differs state by state. However, places like Abekat Home have plenty of learning supplies and educational tools.

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